Federico Chiesa

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Juventus: redemption obligation of 40 million from the 2021/2022 season, linked to the occurrence of one of these three conditions: placement in the top four of Juve, that Chiesa plays 60% of the games for a minimum of 30 minutes or plays at least 10 goals and 10 assists. Plus another 7,4 million in any bonuses.

In case of ransom he signed up to 2025.Federico Chiesa is the son ofEnrico Chiesa.

Federico Chiesa is the brother ofLorenzo ChiesaAC Florenz Weitere).

Transfer historySeasonDateLeftJoinedMVFee22/23Jul 1, 2022FiorentinaJuventus€65.00m€40.00m21/22Jun 30, 2022JuventusFiorentina€65.00mEnd of loan20/21Oct 5, 2020FiorentinaJuventus€48.00mLoan fee: